NCERT to Include Chapter on Tobacco Control In CBSE School Syllabus

The Delhi government has asked the NCERT to include a chapter on tobacco control in CBSE syllabus. Delhi’s State Tobacco Control Cell also urged other state boards to include the chapter from classes 6 to 12. The Additional Director of Health Department said in a letter that 14.1 percent students under 15 years of age use tobacco products. About 4.2 percent students smoke cigarettes and 19 percent of them use other related products.

Despite the ban on gutkha and chewable products in Delhi, the use of chewable tobacco products is increasing in Delhi. As per the WHO reports, 500 out of 1000 teenagers who smoke currently would certainly die of tobacco-related diseases.

Chapter on Tobacco will create awareness in school children

Most people start using tobacco products or experimenting with them before the age of 18 years. The chances of getting addicted to tobacco increases products are maximum at this age. The use of these products serves as the gateway to addiction to other drugs.

Among the school staff, nearly 3 out of 10 persons in school staff use tobacco-products. Following the government guidelines, the Delhi government is already implementing the tobacco-free initiative in schools and colleges. The Delhi government is also following the legal provisions of such products and cigarettes. Among the usage of such products, school children are the most vulnerable group.

There is an urgent need to create awareness among students, parents and teachers and hence creating a chapter in the syllabus. The chapter on awareness of tobacco products must be included in the CBSE and other school boards.

CBSE agrees to include chapter on tobacco in syllabus

Dr. S.K. Arora, the Additional Director, Health Department, Delhi said that the health department has requested the NCERT to include the tobacco-control as a chapter in the school curriculum. NCERT will incorporate the chapter on tobacco-control in the syllabus of class 6 to 12. He said that CBSE is ready to include the chapter in its syllabus. It depends on NCERT as CBSE prescribes only the NCERT books to be studied in schools.

Dr. Arora also added that it is very important to protect the children and future generations from the hazards such products . Teaching the impact of tobacco on health and creating awareness among students will have a great impact on public health across the country.


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